changes the way churches communicate with their people.

MyChurch.Cloud was started by a Pastor who wanted to create a tracking system for the people in his Church. This began as a simple tracking system that turned into more, text marketing, email marketing and now a robust Church Management System and Learning Management System. MyChurch.Cloud does it all.

The complaints from many churches were that the current systems out for Churches are not user friendly and very complicated. Also, they sometimes will need multiple systems to do everything they need to do. MyChurch.Cloud set out to be one system that does it all.

We are currently in beta testing as we are adding multiple integrations into our platform.

Do you want a system that is affordable as well as keeps you really connected to your church? MyChurch.Cloud is the system for you. Contact us today to setup a demo and see how MyChurch.Cloud can benefit you. Click here to setup a demo